Sitting in a small boat at night, halfway there came a cyclone; Help.. Help was shouted but no one heard.. | Boatmen ferried only at night, boats without lights were put in the dark all the way to America; 80 people have tried to enter the US through the river route

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  • Boatmen Ferried Only At Night, Boats Without Lights Were Put In The Dark All The Way To America; 80 People Have Tried To Enter The US Through The River Route

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Graphic of the St. Lawrence River between Canada and North America

Wednesday, March 29. The time is 9:30 pm.
Place, Cornwall Island in the St. Lawrence River near Ontario in Canada.

A slow cold wind blows. River water is running slowly. It is overcast so there is no moonlight. But suddenly, if there is a flash of lightning in the sky, the water of the river will be seen running in a flash.
The two families make their way to the river bank, trudging through grass and mud. A Canadian agent is walking with him. He knows all languages. Spanish, Romanian, English and even Hindi. Together these two families have eight people. The agent says to the Indian families, I’ll see you off to the boat. The name of the boat driver is Ox. It will drop you from here on the coast of North America around four in the morning. There you will find a person named Mr. Mathew John. It will pick you up in a vehicle and take you to New York and drop you off at the designated location. That’s it, then you can stay in America permanently.
The agent and this family move forward rather than talking. It is past fifteen in the night. Oaks is standing by the river with his small boat. He also looks a little scared. He is wearing a black coat over a shirt, a round cap, white pants. Oaks will be around 30 years of age. This is a very small boat, says the Romanian family. Hardly four people can sit. How will eight-nine people sit? What if the boat sinks?

The Canadian agent said, Look, you’re not going for a walk. Get into whatever you find and leave. If the police go out on patrol, we will all be caught. A very small gig is fitted in a light boat. It does not create any special problems. A family from Romania had a three-month-old baby. It fell into lap. All sat narrow, wide. The Indian family was the Chowghari family of Mehsana. All four are big. But sat down. Oakes said to the Canadian agent, goodbye. Si Yu Sun. The engine of the boat started in the river water. Katkatkat… The boat started with a ticking sound. In pitch blackness the boat plies the waters of the St. Lawrence River. There was lightning in the sky. A cold wind was blowing. As the boat moved forward, so did the wind. The boat arrived a short distance from Cornwall Island. A distance of about three hours would have been covered. It seems that there are tall trees around but nothing can be seen in the dark. The lights of the small Canadian villages along the river were visible all around. As the boat continued towards North America, the wind picked up. A cyclone came.

File photo of the search operation

File photo of the search operation

The canoe started rocking. The water of the river started rising three feet. The people sitting in the boat started screaming. Boat owner Oaks says, don’t make a noise… don’t make a noise… but there was no way anyone could hear anyone. The boat flipped over four feet with waves in the air and capsized. The boat fluttered like paper. It is not known where the boatman and eight others got swept away in the raging current of the river. In the middle of the deep river in the dark there were voices like please help… help… but after a few minutes they became completely silent.
Someone living by the river heard the voice of Plaz help…help… The storm lasted for two hours and everything subsided. Morning came. Many trees had fallen. The water level of the river had risen. The clouds were still around. Someone called the police saying that I heard help… help… in the river last night. The call went to police in the Mohawk province of Aquasana in central Canada. The police informed the marine unit and a search operation began.
Everyone knows the next news that eight bodies were found in the river near the Ontario-Quebec province between the Canada-US border. Four were citizens of Romania and four of India. He was also a native of Dobhala Manekpura village in Mehsana, Gujarat. Family of Praveenbhai Chaudhary. But the boat driver did not find Oaks. What happened to it? He may have left the people and escaped or he too may have been stretched somewhere in the river? Police are still looking for him.
Who is the boat driver Ox?
Where were eight people from Romania and India going in a boat, what were they doing? To investigate all that, the Canadian police focused on boat owner Ox. Police reached Oxena’s house after finding a broken sky blue boat.

Missing boatman Oxe

Missing boatman Oxe

The boatman in the house was Okse’s grandmother and grandmother’s older sister. He told the police, Oakes is angry but a smart boy. He does not do such illegal work. I don’t know what he went to the river on Wednesday night. When the police investigated her family, they found out that the boat driver Oksen has an eight-year-old daughter and a son who is barely one and a half months old. Canadian police have two charges filed against Oxe. One, driving recklessly and assaulting and stabbing a person. Oxen has been ordered to appear in Valleyfield Court next month in the assault case at the end of May. But still Oxeno does not heat up.
Oxy should have been found in the search operation but was not found
Canada’s police chief told the media that the St. Lawrence River is a river but it is also a bay. Its area is vast. There are many small and big islands in between. The boat capsized near St. Regis Island where it capsized. This is the largest island in the river. Our marine team has tremendous equipment. There is a night vision camera but also a search by body temperature machine. Therefore, if there is a human body in any cold water, it immediately indicates that there is a person here. Because this machine captures body heat. With this system we found eight bodies but not the body of the boatman Axe.
Gangs active in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal
Police Chief Shawn Dude said that it is easy to cross from Canada to America. Agents have many avenues. There are as many such agents in Canada as there are drug peddlers in Goa. Pay as much as you want. Everything else should be destroyed. Such gangs are active in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Most of the unemployed youth fall into such business, so the Canadian police have now started keeping a watch on the unemployed youth. These people do not want to work and earn in shortcuts. So we keep a watch on those youths who are unemployed. Because gangs take help of such youths in human trafficking. Even the boat owner, Okse, may have done it for the money, but does not appear to be involved in regular human trafficking.

The St. Lawrence River runs through Canada

The St. Lawrence River flows through Canada

People who want to enter America enter the houses of fishermen
While the police were conducting a search operation in the St. Lawrence River, they made many inquiries in Ontario, Cornwall Island, Quebec and the surrounding small villages. A resident told the police, “There are tall trees and very tall grass around our house. The grass grows about ten to ten feet tall. The intruders are hiding in it. Sometimes the fishing gear we keep sits in the godown. We explain to them that do not fall into the clutches of agents, this is hell. Otherwise we cannot keep CCTV. Cannot download video from mobile. If we do so, we will be in danger.
Such an incident also happened in the month of May 2022
In May, 2022, the American police fined a man. The reason was that the man used to smuggle people across the St. Lawrence River to Canada, but then turned to human trafficking. Once he was going to New York with 6 Indians when there was a storm in the river. He knew that the Indians in the boat could not swim, so he jumped in and swam away. The police came to know about this and on reaching there the boat had sunk. Then the police caught the man on patrol. But it is possible that in this case the boat driver Oxe also did the same.
The river is three thousand kilometers long
What we think of as a river in our mental imagination is not the St. Lawrence River. Its form is like a vast bay. Just look at the mini sea. The length of this river is 3,058 km. Canada and America, separate these two countries. Across the river are the Canadian cities of Ontario, Quebec, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. So Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont of North America are applicable. In the last three months, i.e. in 2023 itself, 80 people were caught entering America from Canada in 48 incidents. There were more Romanians and Indians in it. This infiltration must be stopped, but like the Lawrence River, this crime has flowed, will continue to flow as long as the people are tempted.

St. Lawrence River similar to the Gulf of Mexico

St. Lawrence River similar to the Gulf of Mexico

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