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HYDERABAD: The successful soft landing of Vikram Lander on the moon on Wednesday was an occasion to celebrate for scientists at the Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (Midhani), a Ministry of Defence establishment in Hyderabad.
Special metals and alloys made by Midhani have been used in Chandrayaan 3. The Ultra High Strength Steel strips made have been used in the propulsion module of the lander separator band. Titanium rings, bars and blocks made have been used for the Radio Anatomy of Moon Bound Hypersensitive Ionosphere and Atmosphere (RAMBHA) and ChaSTE payloads.

Little Bit Of Hyd Reaches Moon, Via Midhani

The planetary society of India celebrates along with students at Somajiguda Press club in the city on Wednesday

The Langmuiur Probe (LP) as it is called, Rambha’s purpose is to measure the near-surface plasma density (ions and electrons) and its changes with time. Another payload, the Chandra’s Surface Thermophysical Experiment (ChaSTE), is used to measure thermal conductivity and temperature.
“Congratulations to ISRO on the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the south pole of the moon. We are proud and delighted to have contributed to this historic achievement of mission,” Midhani said. Midhani’s products of cobalt-based alloys, nickel based alloys, titanium alloys and investment castings have been used for carrying payloads.
Midhani developed and supplied various critical and strategic material for LVM3 M4, a three-stage heavy lift launch vehicle, for the launch of the Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission.
Several tonnes of material go into the making of the LVM3 M4. Midhani supplied cobalt and nickel base alloys, titanium alloys and special steels for liquid engines, nozzles for liquid stages, gas bottles, thrusters, cryogenic upper stage components, rocket motor casing, propellant tanks and investment castings of nickel alloys, and stainless steel for the exhaust unit.
ISRO and Midhani have shared a partnership for more than four decades with Midhani’s materials having been used from the first launch of ISRO until the latest. It will also continue to work with ISRO for the ambitious Gaganyaan Mission and other futuristic programmes, Midhani said.
Through this mission, India will not only access a wealth of knowledge about the lunar surface but also its potential for human habitation in the future, Midhani said, explaining the significance of the mission.

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