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Prayagraj: If you are one of the commuters wishing to travel by metrolite in Sangam City to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams, here is some good news for you. Authorities entrusted with the job of chalking out the route plan for the city’s metrolite service, have fast-tracked the work and are in the last phase of finalising the blueprint of the project.
For the ambitious project, metrolite will be operated on two major routes, thereby connecting the entire city. For this purpose, the train would operate on two corridors which would connect one end of the city to the other. At least one of the two corridors of the project will be launched prior to Maha Kumbh 2025. The total distance of these two corridors will be around 44 km. About 39 metro stations will be built on this route.
Going by the initial planning, authorities are envisaging the idea of operating the metrolite on the corridor stretching from Bamrauli (towards west side) to Jhunsi (the eastern part of the city crossing the river Ganga).
The distance of this route is about 23 km, whereas in the second phase, the second corridor would be constructed which will be from Shantipuram to Cheoki. The length of this route would be around 21 km.
Both these routes of operating metrolite have been made keeping in view full utilization of public transport. Efforts are being made to complete this work before Maha Kumbh. Once operationalised, this will reduce the traffic pressure on the city roads.
“Efforts are being made to provide the state-of-art metrolite for the commuters of the Sangam city as this facility will substantially reduce the traffic in Civil Lines and Katra areas,” said vice-chairman, Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA), Arvind Kumar Chauhan. There would be stations at all the major places across the stretch of the metrolite, which will be at around every kilometre of the finalised route, he added. Sources further informed TOI that 20 metro stations will be built on the first corridor, which would be from Bamrauli to Jhunsi (it may stretch up to Kanihar lake project). This metro station will start from Bamrauli, the first stoppage will be Shamim market, the second one being Transport Nagar, Gyasuddinpur, Meerapatti, Dhoomanganj, Krishna Bihar Colony, Subedarganj, Lowder Road, Nawab Yusuf Road before High Court, Prayagraj Junction, Civil Lines Bus Stand, Civil Lines, Medical Crossing, Madhwapur, Sangam, Azadnagar, Jhunsi, Trivenipuram and Kanihar lake being the last station.
Likewise, for the second route metrolite running between Shantipuram to Cheoki, the metro would start from Shantipuram followed by stoppages at Ganganagar, Phaphamau, Pitambar Nagar after MNNIT, Teliarganj, Mazar crossing, Allahabad University, University Road, Colonelganj, Parade Ground, Minto Park, Maheva Patti, Ambedkar Nagar, Arail, Naini Bazar Road and Naini. The journey of this route will end from this last station.
In this way a total of 39 metro stations will be built inside the city. As soon as these stations and tracks are ready, the metrolite will be operational.
Metrolite is a light rail (LRT) urban transit system being planned for cities with lower ridership projection.

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