Magnitude-3.2 earthquake hits Gujarat’s Kutch | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: An earthquake of magnitude 3.2 on the Richter scale was recorded in Gujarat’s Kutch district on Monday morning.
District authorities said no damage to life or property was reported.
The tremor was recorded at 7.35am with its epicentre located around 10km north-northeast (NNE) from Bhachau city in Kutch district, the Institute of Seismological Research (ISR) said.
Kutch district is located in a “very high risk” seismic zone, and the occurrence of mild tremors is a regular phenomenon.
As per the Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA), the state faces a high earthquake risk and witnessed major incidents in 1819, 1845, 1847, 1848, 1864, 1903, 1938, 1956, and 2001.
The 2001 Kutch earthquake was the third largest and second most destructive earthquake in India over the last two centuries, killing more than 13,800 people and leaving 1.67 lakh others injured.
(With inputs from PTI)

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