‘Looking for prey with clubhouse app, calling and sitting in cafes’, T-post owner opens new hand of Kiran Patel | ‘Looking for prey with clubhouse app, calling and sitting in cafes’, T-post owner opens new hand of Kiran Patel

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‘One day Kiran Patel came to my cafe. I used to come often before, so it was not a surprise for me. Like every time I went to meet him for 5 to 7 minutes, he told me, ‘Darshanbhai, there is a scheme for you. I am arranging for you 200 bighas of government land, let us do something about it together.’

How does Kiran Patel find his prey for fraud? This is a question that many people want to know the answer to. Because Kiran Patel has not left government officials, businessmen, leaders and police personnel to cheat. The one thing that Kiran Patel has cheated or tried to cheat with is T-Post. Then Divya Bhaskar spoke to a man who narrowly escaped being trapped in Kiran’s trickery.

Kiran Patel once went around saying that the best known cafe brand is his partnership with T-Post. There are also talks of Kiran Patel holding several meetings at T-Post’s cafe to show his influence, while Divya Bhaskar interacted with T-Post’s owner Darshanbhai Dasani.

Kiran Patel had made T-post his seat.  Kiran Patel used to call him at T-post to meet most of the people.

Kiran Patel had made T-post his seat. Kiran Patel used to call him at T-post to meet most of the people.

How many days did Kiran Patel come to the T-post cafe?, What kind of people used to come with him?, How did Kiran Patel get acquainted with rich and famous people?, Kiran Patel offered him 200 bigha of government land, that plan was successful. Why didn’t he stay?, When there was vastu in the house destroyed by the ray, who came there as a guest? Darshanbhai Dasani openly spoke to Divya Bhaskar on all these issues.

Kiran used the clubhouse app a lot!
Darshanbhai Dasani while talking to Divya Bhaskar recalled the incident of his first meeting with Kiran Patel. He said, ‘Before meeting Kiran Patel in person, they met on a mobile application. A mobile application called Club House is an audio base. In which people can log-in and discuss through audio in the group. We were a group of 15 to 20 people. Kiran Patel joined our group one and a half years ago. Whatever topic you want to talk about, Kiran Patel spoke very well on that topic. Especially when Kiran Patel spoke on Bhagavad Gita women’s education, women’s empowerment, it was noticed by people. Because he had examples from all over the world on various issues and he used to give examples. In this session, some experts were also joining me.’

Picture of Kiran Patel and T-Post founder Darshanbhai Dasani.

Picture of Kiran Patel and T-Post founder Darshanbhai Dasani.

Sitting on the T-post looking for ‘hunting’!
Kiran used to impress people with his voice, thought and personality in such a way. This was Kiran Patel’s first strategy to find his ‘prey’. But people were unaware of this modder operandi of Kiran. Darshanbhai Dasani told Divya Bhaskar that, ‘People got to know Kiran Patel after many discussions at the club house. Suddenly one day Kiran Patel came to my cafe. May be the month of November or December of the year 2021. He came and introduced me saying his name. Then said that we are discussing at the clubhouse, I am Kiran Patel. He further said, I work in the Prime Minister’s Office. Tell me if there is any work. However, I did not have any such work, so I did not delve deeply into those matters. The first time he came to the T-post was that much, but soon some other people started coming with him.’

Kiran stopped giving rupees after tea-breakfast at the T-post
According to the information given by Darshanbhai Dasani, Kiran Patel used to visit his cafe once or twice a month. But the most surprising thing is that after some time women started coming with him, whom I didn’t even know. I don’t even know about the relationship of Kiran Patel with those women. The limit was reached when Kiran Patel stopped giving money after having tea and breakfast in the cafe.

What happened when Kiran came to buy the furnaces claiming to have a stake in T-Post?
Kiran Patel took advantage of the recognition he got from the audio application, which secured his seat in T-Post within a few months. But with the glory of this meeting, another trick was playing in his mind. Darshanbhai Dasani revealed to Divya Bhaskar how Kiran Patel used his acquaintance with the T-Post owner to get a bungalow worth crores. He said, ‘There was a bungalow for sale in Manekbagh area of ​​Ahmedabad. So Kiran Patel reached there to buy that bungalow. Kiran told the owner of the bungalow that I am a partner in T-Post. You give me this bungalow. I have to get payment from one place in a few days, so I will give you that money in a few days.’

How did the owner of the bungalow survive Kiran Patel’s fraud?
Darshanbhai Dasani said, ‘At a short distance from the place where the bungalow was for sale, a person has a T-Post franchise. Both this person and the owner of the bungalow were friends. So the owner of this bungalow asked the franchisee that, is someone named Kiran Patel a partner in your T-post? Now the franchisee was stunned when he told me the entire incident over the phone. I said that there is no such partner and do not do any transaction of money relying on the identity of T-Post. So the owner of the bungalow was saved from the fraud of crores. Otherwise, the owner of that bungalow was ready to give the key.’

Darshanbhai Dasani also scolded Kiran Patel for buying a bungalow by pretending to be a T-Post partner. Darshanbhai Dasani said, ‘I don’t mind what you do, but don’t take my name.’ However, Kiran Patel denied that he was a partner of T-Post against the owner of the bungalow. However, the relationship between Darshanbhai Dasani and Kiran Patel soured for some time after this incident.

While Kiran Patel gave a scheme of 200 Bigha land near the Statue of Unity

While talking to Divya Bhaskar, Darshanbhai Dasani revealed another surprising incident about Kiran Patel. Darshanbhai said, ‘This is about a year ago from today, i.e. February 2022. Kiran Patel suddenly came to the T-post one day. He excitedly came to me and said, I have a big plan. I have good contacts in the tourism corporation, as well as political connections. So through the government we can get 200 bigha of land near Statue of Unity in Kevadia. We will build a resort in Kevadia. In which my wife will be in partnership.’

‘Kiran was so advanced on this project that he even made a rough plan. Once Kiran Patel came to the T-post to discuss the matter with the architect. A partnership firm was also created for this project of Kiran Patel’s wife and myself. But it does not have any bank transaction or account. I did not go ahead with this project after I came to know.’

Darshanbhai Dasani, Founder of T-Post

Darshanbhai Dasani, Founder of T-Post

Friendship with Kiran led to crime branch and ATS
The incident of failed attempt to grab the bungalow in which Kiran Patel’s wife has been arrested is also very surprising. According to the information given by Darshanbhai Dasani, ‘BJP leader Jawahar Chavda’s brother Jagdish Chavda had to renovate his bungalow. Kiran Patel took up this responsibility with great pride. But Kiran Patel told me that I have taken this bungalow. You also come to live next door. After a few months, Kiran Patel also opened the bungalow. In which many famous people also came as guests. A famous singer was also invited to perform. I also went to attend the occasion for some time.’ But Darshanbhai’s closeness with Kiran Patel for some time resulted in the Crime Branch and ATS interrogating him for some time.

Jagdish Chavda, the real owner of the bungalow, which was built by Kiran Patel as his own, filed a police complaint. The police tried to find out the truth by interrogating many people related to Kiran Patel in the investigation of the case. Darshanbhai Dasani’s name was also included among these people. He recalled this bitter experience before Divya Bhaskar and said, ‘When Jagdishbhai complained, the crime branch called me around July or August and asked if Kiran Patel was a partner in T-Post?, I told the police that Kiran Patel was a partner. Also said not to be. Then on March 7, ATS also called me for questioning and asked if Kiran Patel was an accomplice. I have given all the documents to crime branch and ATS, so that it can be proved that Kiran Patel is not my partner.’

When was the last meeting with Kiran?
Darshanbhai Dasani said, ‘My last meeting with Kiran Patel was on February 14. There was a program in which some writers were also present. Kiran Patel had given his two numbers, one of which he claimed was his own and the other was a government number. He used to send me different messages. In which there were messages like transfer of officers, promotion information, government recruitment advertisements. I still can’t believe that Kiran Patel could actually be such a person. But the truth is what it is.’

When Divya Bhaskar asked Darshanbhai, do you realize that Kiran Patel has also cheated other people who come to T-Post?, to which he replied, ‘T-Post has about 200 branches in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh including Gujarat. 1000 to 1500 people visit each cafe on a daily basis. Out of which Jagdish Chavda is the only one who called me and informed me that Kiran Patel tried to cheat. I am not aware of any such incident happening to any other person.’

Kiran Patel was online till 8th despite being arrested on 3rd March?
Kiran Patel was arrested in Jammu and Kashmir on March 3. But Divya Bhaskar has received a shocking information from sources close to Kiran Patel. Through some mobile screen shots it was found that Kiran Patel was online even after his arrest. The last seen of WhatsApp on one of his two mobile numbers is on March 8, 2023 at 6:17 PM. While the last scene on another number is 4 March 2023 at 6 PM for 20 minutes. But it is not known who used WhatsApp on Kiran’s mobile after his arrest.

After the arrest of Kiran Patel on March 3, how about the last scenes of March 4 and 8 on WhatsApp?

After the arrest of Kiran Patel on March 3, how about the last scenes of March 4 and 8 on WhatsApp?

After the arrest of Kiran Patel in Jammu and Kashmir, now his wife Malini Patel has also been arrested in the case of looting the bungalow. Soon Kiran Patel may also be brought to Gujarat on transfer warrant.

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