Dogs Are Biting Due To Diabetes, Says Surat Mayor | Surat News

Surat: “Dogs have become aggressive and targeting children due to diabetes” — mayor Hemali Boghawala issued this statement after a series of dog bite death cases have rankled the Diamond City. The statement, however, has sparked controversy in the city, even as another incident of dog bite surfaced in the city’s Althan area.
Every month since January, on an average 1,500-2,000 cases of dog bites have been reported, while the city has witnessed deaths of four children from dog bites.
Boghawala claimed that examination of the stray dogs has revealed various abnormal health conditions in the rabid dogs which could be the main reason behind their targetting humans, especially young children.
Clarifying about her controversial statement, Boghawala said, “When the stray dogs are brought for vaccination and sterilisation, the veterinary doctors found that they are in different health conditions that make them aggressive. The issues could be diabetes, pregnancy, hunger, new motherhood, hungry puppies or other.”

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