CPR training in 38 medical colleges of the state, training will be given to BJP workers till 6 pm | CPR training in 38 medical colleges of Gujarat, training will be given to BJP workers till 6 pm

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Around 1200 doctors imparted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to BJP workers in 38 colleges of the state by Gujarat Pradesh BJP Doctor Cell today from April 2. State President CR Patil started this program at Surat and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. It has recently come to light that the number of heart attacks among youths who play sports including cricket and dance in the state is on the rise. According to a finding, it has been observed that the rate of heart attack among young people is increasing after the severe epidemic of Corona. BJP has organized a state-wide CPR training for the purpose of providing immediate treatment to those facing this type of illness or condition.

BJP workers in CPR training
On the instruction of state president CR Patil, BJP insisted every worker to take CPR training, so training was organized from morning to evening. State President CR Patil has attended this program at Surat and Chief Minister of the state at Ahmedabad. So different state ministers, MPs and MLAs will also be present in different hospitals. A large number of BJP workers will join the CPR training program which will set a world record. BJP workers will be useful to the people by taking this training.

Congolese MP from Jalandhar died due to lack of treatment in golden hour
When Jalandhar Congress MP Chaudhary Santokh Singh passed away 3 months ago, his son Vikramjeet Chaudhary said, ‘His father was breathing while being taken to the ambulance but the doctors did not have any emergency supplies. The doctors there were in great panic.’ This simply means, if CPR had been administered to the MP in the golden hour, his life could have been saved. Today in work news we will know that, what is golden hour? How important is CPR at this time? How is CPR given and what mistakes can be made in giving it? Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta Hospital Dr. Naresh Trehan has given information as an expert.

Question- What is Golden Hour?
A period of time after any injury or heart attack is known as the ‘golden hour’. If appropriate measures are taken in the first 60 minutes, the patient’s life can be saved.

Q- How important is giving CPR in the golden hour?
It is important to give CPR in the golden hour because, most deaths occur when appropriate measures are not taken in this one hour. This is the time before reaching the hospital, in which it becomes easier for the doctor to save the patient’s life if the patient is given CPR. Indian Resuscitation Council Scientific Director Dr. According to Rakesh Garg, 40-60 percent of lives can be saved if the existing data is looked at and CPR is administered on time to the patient.

Q- What is CPR?
The full form of CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is a life-saving technique used during a heart attack. CPR is life-saving on the way from home to the hospital if a person’s heart stops beating.

Chairperson of Indian Resuscitation Council (IRC) Dr. SSC According to Chakrarao

  • Less than 2 percent know CPR.
  • About 4280 people per 1 lakh population suffer from cardiac arrest every year in the country.
  • Every minute 112 people die of cardiac arrest.
  • Therefore, it is important to understand how CPR is given…

Q- How is CPR given?
There are two ways to give CPR.

First method: When it is given to the patient from another person.
Another way: It is administered to the patient with the help of a medical device.
The way CPR is given to both children and adults is different.

Q- When is CPR required?
CPR is given when…

  • A person may suddenly become unconscious and unable to breathe.
  • During an accident, a person has trouble breathing.
  • If a person drowns in water, get out.

Remember – get the patient to the hospital as soon as possible after giving CPR.

Q- How is CPR training done?

Let us understand this with an example-
If a person falls down suddenly, first place your hand on his head and check that there is no bleeding anywhere. Then follow the ABC formula.

A stands for Airway: Check the breath by placing the hand in front of the nose. If you are breathing, you will feel warmth in your hands.
B stands for Breathing: Place your hand on the chest and check if you are breathing. Here’s another rule, checking the chest when it’s male. When you are a woman, place your hand on the stomach and check.
C stands for Circulation: Check the pulse of the left hand of the person lying down. Relax the wrist completely during this time. Now try to wake up the unconscious person a bit. If he is not moving and not breathing, give him CPR.

Q- What is the benefit of giving CPR?
It helps the patient to breathe. Giving CPR helps blood flow to the heart and brain. In many cases, CPR saves a person’s life.

Worth knowing

  • What mistakes do people around when having a heart attack? Any person’s life can be saved if these mistakes are not made
  • Panicked, he calls the hospital and stands crowding around the patient. I don’t think about giving CPR.
  • Even if someone thinks of giving CPR, they don’t give CPR to the patient because of fear.

What mistakes do you make when giving CPR?

  • Not giving proper chest pressure.
  • Your mouth is not properly locked with the patient’s mouth.
  • Do not keep the elbow straight.
  • The patient’s body should not be kept straight.

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