Active participation of men in family planning now, 100 male sterilization operations done in 1 year in Valsad district | Active participation of men in family planning now, 100 male sterilization operations done in 1 year in Valsad district

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“Adopt family planning step, write new chapter of progress” This slogan of Gujarat government for family planning is trending in Valsad district. The mentality that family planning is only the responsibility of women is now changing in the society as family planning operations are prioritized by the health department team of the Zilla Panchayat. In the last one year, 100 men have undergone sterilization operation in the district and have fulfilled their responsibility towards the society and their families.

The word masculinity is considered a matter of pride for men, the same man speaks of giving his life in love. But when one performs self-sterilization keeping in mind the health of the wife, then it is called true love and it is also said to have paid a debt to the society. Family planning is considered to be the responsibility of men as much as it is said to be women’s responsibility. Nature has not given the pain of abortion and childbirth to men, but instead of women, men can participate in family planning by undergoing sterilization. Beneficiaries were not getting ready for male sterilization operations in Valsad district for the past few years. But currently Valsad District Chief Health Officer Dr. KP Patel and Additional District Health Officer Dr. Under the guidance of Vipul Gamit, special camps for male sterilization have been started under the Family Planning fortnight. For which people are being made aware by MPHW and FHW of primary health center village by village. As a result of which, 3 male beneficiaries have fulfilled their responsibility by getting sterilized in Vaghaldhara village of Valsad taluka.

MPHW of Gorgam PHC Vimal Tandel said that how was the success in removing the misconception spread in the society, first of all, a list of target couples of the village was prepared for sterilization, in which a list of couples with 1 child, 2 children and 3 children was made and the state government went to Paliya for male sterilization. Said about the economic and social benefits received by 10 days were spent in explaining. One of the beneficiaries got ready and while there was a camp at Dharampur State Hospital, he refused the previous day saying, I don’t want to be sterilised. So we were worried, what to do now? Still didn’t give up and made the list again keeping in mind 4 things this time (1) A woman who has had two children with cesarean, (2) 2 boys, (3) 1 boy and 1 girl (4) 2 girls Tried again after making a list of such a couple and a beneficiary was prepared. If you call at 9 am the day before the camp, I will come in 10 minutes after having breakfast. He said that but he did not come, so when he called again, the wife picked up and said, leave my husband’s operation alone, he has just started a job in the company. I hung up the phone saying that I will get the family planning operation done instead of him. Later, after meeting both the husband and wife face to face, after persuasion, the husband prepared considering the health of his wife and in just 10 minutes, a painless operation was done without any incisions or stitches. Similarly met another male beneficiary whose wife had two seizures. He also worried about his wife and got ready for the sterilization operation. Later, after explaining to the third male beneficiary, they were ready and the district health department team was successful.
‘I am happy that wife was exempted from family planning operation’
The male beneficiary said that the operation was done without any pain. From the very next day I started working. A woman has to go through many pains in life. I am happy that I saved my wife from one more family planning operation. Also, under the government scheme, I got Rs. 2 thousand assistance has also been received. Apart from this, as I have two daughters, I have also received Rs.5 thousand post account savings cards.

After the operation, the man goes back to work the next day
FHW Ushaben Solanki of Gorgam PHC said that it takes one and a half to two months for a woman to recover from a family planning operation, while a man can go to work the next day if he is sterilized. Male sterilization is easier, safer and painless than female sterilization for family planning. If the father performs sterilization on one daughter, Rs.6 thousand and if two daughters are sterilized, Rs. 5,000 savings vouchers are available. Apart from this Rs. 2 thousand assistance is available. The facility of reattachment of the vein if required is also free of cost.
Dharampur and Kaprada showed the highest male participation
In Valsad district, 100 male sterilization operations were performed in a year with the highest number of 57 in Dharampur taluk and 33 in Kaprada. While 7 in Valsad, 2 in Pardi and 1 in Vapi while not a single operation has been done in Umargam. Additional District Health Officer Dr. Vipul Gamit said that this result was achieved due to the hard work of the team including Dharampur Taluka Health Officer Dr. Jignesh Mahala, Kaprada THO Dr. Mahesh Patel and Valsad THO Dr. Kamal Chaudhary and MPHW.

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